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07 Febbraio 2017
Il portale guidafinestra.it pubblica una recensione positiva dei nostri prodotti. Leggi la recensione cliccando su questo link.
2002-2012 dieci anni di  esperienza, passione, innovazione  e dedizione alla clientela.
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PU16 / 1500

PU16 / 3000

PU16 /3000 / 8

 PU16 / 1500
 Press cutting containing two units 
 and power 1500Kg.

PU16 / 3000
Press with the ability of four cutting units
and power 3000Kg.

PU16 / 3000 / 8 

Press with the ability of four cutting units 
and power 3000 Kg.

The three units represent an innovative manufacturing system, which is patented, which allows you to use a single unit of pressure in replacing a few seconds, the unit shearing, it is working on the sliding doors, sliding curtain wall, wood aluminum, blinds, wall units, etc

Why Choose Us

Because we are a young and dynamic company, which makes innovation its strong point.
The new universal punch with interchangeable cutting, we have a patent (No. FI2007A000208) and represent the flower of our production

About Us

Founded in September 2002, Emme 3 is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic presses, groups, cutting machines, inserting and sealing machines for aluminum and the like.


Emme 3

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50037 San Piero a Sieve (FI)
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Emme 3 snc - Z.A.I. Via Roma "La Paolina" - 50037 - San Piero a Sieve (FI) - Tel: 055 84 98 833 - FAX 055 84 87 211 - P.IVA e Cod.Fisc: 05254250482 - n. rea e reg. impresa: 532793